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Here at S4 we realize that the most difficult part about staying
healthy is not what to do when everything is going according to plan, it's what you do when life get's a little bit crazy.

After talking to our users, from gym enthusiastic, to people just starting workout out, we realized that we were hearing the same stories again and again. I stopped workout out because  ... "I got stuck at work" ... "I was traveling" ... "I had no time to get to the
gym" ... or simply just "I suddenly had no time at all". We came to realizes that to stay in shape your normal workout routine is good to have, but our lives are seldom normal. So with the help of some of best instructors we created the WHEREVER WORKOUT app. Complete routines that you can do anywhere, with little to no equipment, with any amount of time.


Never again have a reason not to workout.

Whether you are travelling. working, or just crazy busy - keeping up with your workout routine can seem almost impossible.  That's why we developed the WHEREVER WORKOUT App. Our app doesn't try to replace your daily routine, it's for those all those other days when life gets in the way of stay healthy. The WHEREVER WORKOUT app has routines for wherever you are and for with as little or as much time as you have.It make sure you never again have a reason to not workout.


When we began working on the WHEREVER WORKOUT we realized that we were repeatedly hearing the same workout busting stories again and again. Time after time, we'd hear that workout routines were going by the wayside because ... "I got stuck at work" or "I was traveling" or "I had no time to get to the gym" or simply "even when I can find time, I didn't know how to exercise with just a few spare minutes".   We came to realize that even people who manage to maintain a normal workout routine when life is "normal" have trouble fitting in exercise when life gets a little hectic.  So with the help of some of our favorite instructors and physical trainers, we created the WHEREVER WORKOUT app. Complete workout routines that you can do anywhere, with little to no equipment and any amount of time.

The WHEREVER WORKOUT app lets you choose your situation to workout in. Are you stuck in the office? Do you only have 15 minutes? Are you in a hotel? Are you at home with just a set of dumbbells? Are you stuck in an airplane seat? It has routines for everything, from simple stretching to keep you feeling loose happy, to quick hard workouts so when you get back to your regular routine, your not starting from scratch.

To design these routines we talked people who know all about staying healthy no matter wherever you are. Such as Gary Beaumont who is an ex British Military Physical Training Instructor and has created some amazing routines where staying in shape is the top concern. His routines workout the whole body, not just superficial areas, giving you a wide range of fit routines for a wide range of skills.

So check-it out. And never have an excuse not work out again.
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